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10 Cool Facts About Iceland

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When most folks think of Iceland, the first thing which comes to mind is likely ice— tons and tons of ice & possibly maybe – BJORK. However, there is much more to Iceland that you should know about. Iceland is barely icy as Greenalnd is. Wondrous patterns of nature reveal astounding landscapes all along the northern European island. More than that, dwell into 10 more reasons why you should visit Iceland. 

#10 Being Nude in Public is Not a Big Issue

4- nudity
In Iceland there are tons of refreshing hot springs. It is quite likely you will pay at least one of them a visit if you see the state. These much function like public pools, however the shower facitilities they also feature are requiring you to shower without your swimsuit on. Some of them, even do not have a door to conceal you from the outdoors, but as much as it may be unacceptable to you, there is a certain kind of beauty in all this experience.

For Iceland, this is moreover an issue of hygiene, aside some cultures may see this as schoking. After all, it isn’t just simple to get completely clean while wearing your clothes all. Needless to say, generalized publi nudity is equally as prohibited in Iceland as it is elsewhere.

#9 It is the Country of Elves

2- elves
Surveys taken over a period of time have revealed that most Icelanders believe in elves. These elves have magical powers, generally live in rugged places, and cause trouble if someone attempts to upset their house. When attempting to work on a supposed elf site sometimes, machines are reported to malfunction. And in Iceland, this belief is so significant that some folks are really called in to arbitrate with the elves in the hopes of getting them to leave.

Icelandic pop star Bjork has said that record companies favor to sign Icelandic musicians who confess to believing in elves—maybe they believe it means they have more character. Regardless, despite how odd the belief might be, it doesn’t look likely to go away anytime soon and remains among many.

#8 Midnight Golf

During the months of July and June, Iceland has days of valuable, wonderful sunshine with a complete 24 hours. While you might consider many different stuff you could do in a day with 24 hours of lighting, lots of folks in Iceland look at it as a glorious time. While the weather can get chilly and wet on occasion, that doesn’t discourage the most energetic golfers, who stick it out. Some who’ve played golf in Iceland during the midnight sun have described the encounter as sublime and surreal. And while golfers may not see on an average Icelandic golf course, they may need to take care of exceptional challenges—such as the fury and lava beds of mad birds that have had their nests touched.

#7 Yup, Iceland Has Anti-Porn Laws

1- porn
Iceland is pretty famous for being liberal as it pertains to sexual problems, so it may come as a surprise to outsiders that their authorities voted to prohibit strip clubs. On the other hand, the government hasn’t restricted their views only to the real world of stripping. Lately, they’ve also been contemplating putting a prohibition on online pornography. Some may believe that this is a backward way of looking at sex, but from their standpoint it’s really rather progressive.

You see, Icelanders aren’t doing this out of any puritanical attitude toward sex, but for reasons that are feminist. Iceland’s authorities is female at this time, and it’s also likely one of the most feminist-friendly nations on Earth. The reasoning for the prohibition is that stripping objectifies women, while some hardcore online pornography could be very brutal—all in all, it only gives kids the wrong message.

#6 They Play Good Handball

5- handball

Photo credit: Steindy

In Iceland, handball is essentially the national sport. The president of the country described the media how important the sport is for the island after a recent Olympic triumph. Everyone in the state understands the names of the national team’s players and the complete success of the team is considered extremely important. Handball is overall one of the most popular sports in Europe in general, however not for America. It’s a fast paced game with some savage matches.

#5 Skyr

6- skyr
Eaten often as a bite or with meals, the dairy product Skyr is one of the most famous foods in Iceland. Yet, despite its popularity within the state, it’s known outside of Iceland. That may change yet, as Russell Crowe lately returned from a trip to Iceland with a love for the things and today it’s going to be coming throughout America to Fresh Marketplaces.

Skyr is considered by many to be much like yogurt, but it’s really a type of soft cheese and is prized for having a high number of protein and almost no fat. Sadly, if you don’t have a Fresh Market near you or live in Iceland, it’ll likely not be easy to get any of this delectable dairy treat. You need Skyr to make more Skyr while there are recipes for it, as a result of manner it’s made with a bacterial culture. The end effect won’t be rather the same although there are replacements that can be used.

#4 The Yule Lads

7- yule lad
Iceland is no exception for authentic Christmas experience. Instead of Santa Claus, Iceland has something different. These odd lads have an intriguing history because they didn’t start out as bringers of Yuletide joy; they were really descended from trolls and were used amongst parents to frighten little kids.

Yet, in the 1700’s a decree was issued that really made it illegal for parents to frighten kids, and the Yule Lads became a Christmas tradition. The Yule Lads—who’ve heartwarming names like “Window Peeper, “Skyr Gobbler,” and “Bowl Licker” —each have their own character that is vibrant. You can see each Christmas each one of them.

#3 The Cod Wars or “the war for the territorial waters”

8- cod war
Since the 1950’s, Iceland and the British have frequently clashed over using Icelandic waters for fishing. In Iceland, the fishing sector essentially functions as the primary source of food and is quite significant. So maybe it’s not surprising that the cod wars began back in 1958, when Iceland determined they needed to raise the exclusion zone around their territory—this is the area of water that other states aren’t permitted to fish in.

Of course, the British authorities retaliated by contemplating how these matters escalate, it was before folks were firing shots, and sending their own navy to protect fishermen they’d in the region and ramming boats. A diplomatic solution was determined upon and the British backed off. This same scenario ended up playing out twice more over time, with Iceland eventually raising the range of their exclusion zone from an initial 6.5 kilometers (4 mi) to 320 kilometers (200 mi).

#2 Volcanic Energy

9- volcano
Iceland has a ton of volcanic process, it is in fact one of the youngest lands on Earth. While some states might be frightened to live in the middle of a fiery ring of volcanoes, Iceland figured out the way to use it to their advantage and captured nature by its slick throat. About 85%  of Iceland’s energy is over half of that’s geothermal alone, and from renewable resources.

Naturally, it didn’t start out as a means of electricity for most of the state—before geothermal energy became more widespread, it was mostly only used for fundamental water heating functions. Yet, over time it became used for general electricity needs. On top of everything else swimming pools are warming. Iceland has over 150 public swimming pools, and most of those are kept heated thanks to all-natural volcanic heat.

#1 Raw Puffin Heart

Puffins are little birds with white and black feathers; they are totally adorable and have cartoonishly oversize beaks. Gordon Ramsay, being no stranger to controversy, recently came under fire for eating the raw heart from a dead puffin he’d killed during an episode of his television series The F Word. Animal rights groups were of course up in arms, and many individuals objected to the harshness of the action.

On the other hand, the people of Iceland wouldn’t have batted an eye at his activities. The reason behind this is that, in Iceland, uncooked puffin heart is really considered a delicacy, and puffins are eaten for food on a regular basis. The media authorities really had all the appropriate licenses and cleared of any wrongdoing Ramsay.

+ Brennivin

11- brennivin
If there’s one matter Iceland is recognized for, it’s likely their love of cuisine that is unusual, and this also extends to more than simply food. Iceland has a beverage all their own that they call Brennivin besides drinking Coca Cola per capita than elsewhere on the planet. This alcoholic beverage has something of a terrible name, even among Icelanders. Brennivin is a kind of schnapps distilled from potatoes; this doesn’t seem too terrible, but in addition, it uses caraway seeds, and this seemingly gives it a flavor that is vile.

This beverage is regularly have alongside an Icelandic fermented shark dish, hakarl, which has been mentioned on Listverse. Probably the two are united after you’ve simply eaten diseased shark meat because Brennivin simply looks great. Brennivin is just drunk by many Icelanders when they may be attempting to make another display of allegiance to their Icelandic roots, or if they’re attempting to show off around individuals seeing their nation.

Source: Listverse

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