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10 Gorgeous Images Captured At The Burning Man Festival

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10 Gorgeous Images Captured At The Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man festival is a yearly event unlike any other. It observes some of the finest values in human beings – imagination, open mindedness and recognition. Thousands of people assemble into the heart of the desert each year, to observe this authentic celebration of art and life. It is a party that is truly astonishing. The best part relating to this festival is that that coordinators and the participants believe in not leaving any trace after everything is over. Therefore, everyone who attends the art and craft shows, helps in cleaning up the place as soon as the conclusion part is reached. The conclusion relates to the burning of the ‘Burning Man’, a spectacle that you should see at least once in your lifetime. Here are 10 images that manage to capture the essence of the astonishing art and craft shows. 

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