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22 Crazy Pokemon Go Photos That Truly Depict the Pokemon Go Frenzy

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These 22 Pokemon Go funny photos and tweets, really tell us a lot about the Pokemon Go Frenzy. Just wait until you see #22!

Who could tell 10 years ago, that a virtual reality game like the newest Pokemon game would become an over night success. 2016 will be remembered as game changing year in the history of virtual reality games. The newest Pokemon game brought millions to its creators Niantic Inc., whilst making people of all ages wandering around the real world in a quest to catch imaginary creatures. Suddenly, this was more important than Twitter, Spotify, Netflix or Snapchat!

The Pokemon Go quests delivered some really crazy Pokemon Go stories, tweets, comments, warnings at work or on the road. To see how real this frenzy is, click START Slide Show button. You will be flabbergasted already at the first crazy Pokemon Go photo!

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