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4 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

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mascot_soccer400Perhaps you have had a dream of joining the circus and leaving your present, tedious job? Do you wish that you’d some exotic field that sets you apart from all your buddies?

This pleasure list of four odd occupations that have great wages could allow you to select your next career move:

1. Medical tattooist

In order to disguise unsightly scars after someone gets operation, they quite frequently go to a medical tattooist. After becoming knowledgeable about the techniques and gear and learning, you can moonlight as a tattoo artist that is normal.

2. Embalmer

Recall the 5th grade class about Egyptian mummies? Well, it turns out that folks request to be embalmed when they expire. Those who need an open-coffin funeral or a funeral that is delayed, or just don’t like the thought of subterranean rot, could pay you up to $60,000 a year for them only to use your specialized service.

3. Dog shrink

This occupation is maybe more well respected. Essentially, these people diagnose the underlying causes, watch unusual behaviour in dogs, and treat them. Today, with pet owners willing to spend top dollar for their top dogs, treatments can include visual therapy, massage and human drugs like Xanax and Ritalin.

4. Team mascot

You understand them: the men who run around courts and fields in outrageous get-ups at halftime. Although some occupation hazards comprise aggression and heat stroke from upset or drunken supporters, you can travel around the state with leading sports stars. NBA mascots are reported to make around $200,000 a year, well worth a small heat stroke.

Bonus job: Online photographer

Or translated to more understandable language, this meas taking on a photography job on-line. Many people nowadays are able to freely roam around the world, use their skills as photographers and earn money by selling their photos online. Prices per photo go well above $100, and if you make some good collection of photos you could sell, it’s a way to generate some decent living!

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