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5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a kind of a big deal. The drug has been around for a long time – in fact, the first direct reference to cannabis was all the way back in China 2737BC, in documents written by the Emperor Shen Nung, where he outlined a number of benefits beyond its psychoactive elements, including its usefulness against malaria, gout, and forgetfulness. Still, despite its rich history of positive feedback throughout the ages, as well as its laundry list of medical benefits, there are still those who believe that cannabis should remain an illegal substance worldwide.

Plants in the vegetative room at Medicine Man in Denver are bathed in light from metal halide bulbs that simulate summer and encourage vegetative growth. (Kai-Huei Yau/Tri-City Herald/MCT) (Newscom TagID: krtphotoslive671963.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

In the United States, cannabis is legal in most states for medicinal use. The well-known benefits (beyond getting higher than a kite) are relief from Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, as well as effective pain management for a host of other conditions (including the big C). However, there are also plenty of other lesser known benefits to the leafy drug, which might surprise you. So without further fanfare, let’s take a look at 5 benefits you probably didn’t know about medical marijuana.

  1. It stops you from putting on weight

This might sound like a crazy claim, considering it’s well known that after a big smoking session, the average stoner is likely to head straight for the fridge and cupboards in an effort to raid as much food as they can, in order to feed their munchie-driven hunger monster. But studies have shown that those who smoke weed regularly are actually far less likely to be classed as clinically obese than those who don’t.  Of the 700 adults who were tested during the study, (ranging in age from 18-74) those who smoke pot on a regular basis, in general, had lower body mass index scores than those who didn’t. This suggests that smoking cannabis actually helps in keeping the pounds off. In addition, BMI is not only an indication of obesity levels, but also a fantastic measure of overall health – those on the lower end of the BMI scale have far less body fat, as well as a much lower chance of suffering from a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes.

  1. Smoking it can improve your lung capacity

Not to be confused with cigarette smoking, which is usually a one-way ticket to an early grave or permanent link to an oxygen tank, studies have shown that smoking cannabis is not only far less detrimental to lung health and function as those who smoke cigarettes, but can also improve lung function in comparison to those who have never smoked. Confused? The answer lies in the American Medical Association, where the researchers explained that large inhalations (drags) of the drug is effectively training the lung to perform more efficiently.

  1. It might hold the secret to curing cancer

The versatile little plant might not just be able to help with the physical pain of the big C, it might actually hold the key to dealing with it, period. Numerous studies and experiments in animals have shown various cancers cells being effectively treated (even at stage 4) by the use of cannabis. Even the government (who let’s face it – aren’t always forthcoming with their information), has admitted in an official document that the drug has the potential ability to shrink down cancer cells when it has been tested in official laboratories. It is important to note that these treatments have thus far all been in rats, but it’s a promising step forward in medical advancements to treating the terrible disease. It could be after all this searching, the cure was right under our noses this entire time. After all, they do say that nature provides.


  1. It can potentially control epileptic seizures

Recently, YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites have been awash with videos of people apparently suffering from severe epileptic seizures who have had their symptoms soothed in a matter of moments by either inhaling cannabis smoke, or having it applied to their body in oil format. It could be easy to scream fake, but it seems that a 2003 study might just reinforce this idea. In Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. DeLorenzo used a cannabis extract to prevent seizures in epileptic rats for 10 hours at a time. The reason this works is apparently due to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ingredient in marijuana effectively binding to the parts of the brain that promote relaxation and calmness, and control excitability.


  1. It can lower anxiety

Marijuana has received a lot of bad press over the years, linking it to anxiety. However, it seems that people might have been looking at things the wrong way. Medical marijuana apparently acts as a mild sedative, effectively lowering anxiety and causing those who smoke it to become happier and less anxious. It could be that those who already have anxiety smoke it, and an incorrect link has been made.

So there you have it. Not only does it make a conversation more interesting, and food taste even better than humanly thought, it can potentially help rid the world of one of the biggest diseases, lower stress, control fits, improve your lung health and keep you thin.

Not bad cannabis, not bad at all.


Zack M is an author for Pot Valet, providing Marijuana Dispensary Santa Barbara. He spent time working in the dispensary and also loves to write various topics about the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis-related products and other stuff.

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