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7 Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

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These 7 awesome money saving tips that can save you a ton of money this year… Reduce your bills, conserve water, make your own house cleanser or book a trip and travel to Jamaica – up to you!

It is actually fantastic to learn these 7 money saving tips for college students: 

  1. Vacuum sealing your food using water
  2. Using a screw as a battery replacement
  3. Reducing your water bill
  4. Cut your Internet bill in half!
  5. Make your own Febreze
  6. Make a natural, Eco-friendly home cleanser
  7. Reducing your power bill significantly!

In fact, that’s not all you can do! You can also earn and save more money by doing some small jobs online, like:

  1. If you have good writing skills, check some writing jobs online
  2. Learn some photography tricks you can benefit from
  3. Make some money even with Instagram!
  4. Teaching a job online?
  5. Or get paid for taking 2 photos!

So you see, there are so many ways how you can earn or save money as a student. It is all up to you and how much YOU personally empower and engage yourself for such challenges! These money saving tips can serve you so well as a college student who wish to take on a longer holiday and or even if you are planning to take a gap year and roam around the world.

Stay tuned at Outchemy as we will share more tips & opportunities how you can monetize your student days!



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