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8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

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The waterfall is a natural site that dazzles the human mind. It is something extremely beautiful, and it is the nature at its best. Following are the nine amazing waterfalls around the world that will blow your mind, have a look at them:

  • Angel Falls, Venezuela

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

The angel falls are the highest waterfalls in the world. It is an uninterrupted waterfall. They are located in Canaima National Park that is a national park in Venezuela. The height of this waterfall is 979 meters. If you want to visit them, please do in the middle of June and December. At that time, the waterfall and the river both are full at their limits.

  • Tugela Falls, South Africa

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

Tugela Falls is seasonal, in fact, it is known as a complex of waterfalls. They are said to be the second highest waterfalls in the world. These falls are located in the Royal Natal National Park in the South America. The height of these falls is 948 meters. They are a site for the sore eyes!

  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

Victoria Falls are one of the natural Seven Wonders of the World. They are truly magical in every way. They are located on the border of Zimbabwe. The height of these waterfalls is 108 meters. When planning to visit the Victoria Falls, go there in the season of rain so that you can enjoy the mesmerizing rainbow view of that place.

  • Niagara Falls, USA and Canada

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

These are the most famous waterfalls in the world, although the size of these falls is unable to match its reputation. Niagara Falls is made of three waterfalls collectively. They are located at the border that the United States of America and Canada shares together. The height of these falls is 51 meters. They are truly special and a must to visit spot for everyone out there.

  • Browne Falls, New Zealand

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

These falls are known to be the tallest in the region of Australasia. The Browne Falls are located in the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. The height of these falls is 619 meters. These falls appear to be sloped and they look more than beautiful. This place attracts millions of visitors every year.

  • Vinnufossen waterfall, Norway

These are the tallest waterfalls in the continent of Europe, and they are sixth tallest ones in the world. They are located in Sunndalsøra that is a small village in Norway. The height of these falls is 860 meters, and they are breathtakingly beautiful. You will definitely love them once you see them. Try to visit this place during the early winter season or the late autumn season; it will make you forget everything about the rest of world.

  • Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland

8 Amazing Waterfalls that dazzle the human mind

Iceland is known as the spiritual home for natural sites like waterfalls. Dettifoss waterfalls are one of the wonders and popular tourist attractions of Iceland. They are also said to the most powerful waterfall in the entire continent of Europe. Visit this place in the spring and monsoon season and enjoy the pretty weather and dancing rainbows.

  • Eas a’ ChualAluinn Falls, England

The last but not the least is these amazing waterfalls that are totally refreshing for the eyes. They are located in Scotland in the United Kingdom. The height of these waterfalls is 658 meters. They are the highest waterfalls of the Britain. People really enjoy hiking around these falls so pack up your bags, take your outfit, your climbing boots, and your backpack and hit it!

All these waterfalls are amazing. I hope this guide helps!


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