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8 Awesome Things to do in Gozo

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Have you ever visited Gozo? It’s a small island that can only be reached by a ferry boat that operates from its sister island, Malta.  Do not be fooled by its size because although it only spans 67km2, Gozo is truly an island of many hidden gems.

Here are 8 things that you can do when you visit!

  1. Visit Ġgantija and discover the megaliths that make up the temple structures that are considered to be as one of the oldest freestanding structures in the world. These temples which are also part of UNESCO’s world heritage give light to what life was like in Neolithic times.
  2. Explore the recently restored Citadel, the fortified city in the middle of Gozo that overlooks all the villages that are scattered over the island. Walking through the citadel with its bastions and thick walls and narrow streets is like going back in time.  From the top of the bastions you can admire spectacular views across the Gozitan landscape.

  1. Whilst you‘re in Gozo, indulge in the culinary delights of Mediterranean foods. Apart from the street food like the traditional ‘pastizzi’, a savoury type of treat that envelopes a ricotta or mashed pea filling, make sure you taste the Gozitancheeselets, particularly the peppered ones!  These are best eaten with crusty bread or ‘galletti’ and local wine.  Gozo is also home to some excellent dining places and restaurants. Visit the restaurants specialising in fish either in Mġarr harbour, Xlendi or Marsalforn.
  2. Whilst taking time to enjoy the richness of historic places, churches and museums that are found all over the island, make sure you dedicate some days to diving. Beneath the water surface, a whole world of blue awaits you. Gozo is home to numerous dive sites such as the Blue Hole, found in the vicinity of the Azure Window and Reqqa Point in Għasri. Prepare to be mesmerized by the marine life that thrives around the coast. You can also explore the various dive wrecks that today are a thriving colonies of marine life!  Indeed, we are not surprised that Gozo has been recently described as one of the best scuba diving destinations by none other than Lonely Planet.
  3. For the ultimate Gozo experience, we suggest that you rent out a farmhouse, a typical abode that has been transformed into a holiday home complete with pool facilities. It’s easy to fall in love with these country homes. If farmhouses are not the thing for you, you can opt to stay in a hotel, a guesthouse or in an apartment. Today Gozo also offers several boutique hotels.

  1. Join a Jeep Safari or a Segway Tour to travel around some parts of the island. Follow the winding roads and the lonely tracks that lead up to the most scenic places. Enjoy the various paths like the ones that take you past the salt-pans areas or the road meandering around the Xlendi cliff edge. Stop to admire the sights and take in nature.
  2. If you’re more of a seafarer opt for a boat tours or kayaking. Explore the craggy coast, the sheer cliffs and rocky edges of the island from the sea. The views from the sea are as captivating as those from land. There are different types of boat trips which you can join including fishing trips. Don’t forget to visit the island of Comino, the original pirate hideout that comes complete with its idyllic turquoise waters, secret caves and watch tower dating back to the Knights of St. John, once the rulers of the Maltese islands. For a more active tour, kayaking might be the thing to try.
  3. Don’t leave the island without hopping on one of the buses that tour the main landmarks of the island. It’s serious undeterred sightseeing you’re after, then choose your seat at the top of the bus and watch the villages and countryside roll by. With a number of stops and many points of interest, the hop-on-hop-off bus is the perfect solution for someone who wants to see Gozo in one-go!


About the Author:

Elena Tahora is an ambassador of Malta working for Atlantis Malta Diving. An avid traveler, she continually maps the world in her heart, one destination at a time.

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