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8 things which give you inspiration in Milan

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One day I realized that I needed a motivation and enthusiasm to have  better and more productive life,  which would benefit my future. It meant that I wanted something special to give me some inspiration for my work or studies. So, I decided to visit one of the most blooming cities in the world and laze around in Milan. As I took this decision, soon enough it was time to pack my bags and go and buy my flight ticket. I think that it was one of the most memorable times in my entire life. Lao Tzu said that ‘’the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’’ This one step is the most important thing if you want to travel and feel what life is. So, I will recommend 8 best things to do when you are in Milan.

Milan-the city which was named the fashion capital of the world offers tourists a great doze of luxury with its endless opportunities for shopping. It is the best decision to buy gorgeous things in Milan and visit elegant cafes to relax and to change up your daily routine. Also artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, the philosopher Cesare Beccaria, the great composer Verdi,the greatest architect Bramante and the  designer Giorgio Armani all lived and worked here.  I present to you my favorite   places which are amazing for all kinds and tastes of people.


  1.  North from Milan is a place which can easily be mistaken as the paradise on earth with its panoramic view, villas and palaces. Lake Como, also known as Lario is the most beautiful and charming lake in the world.  Many famous people, such as George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Gianni Versace have villas on the shores of Lario. Also, there are many farms which produce the Italian  goods such as honey, cheese, milk, eggs and other organic food. So, if you want to be in a fairy tale and create your own extraordinary story, visit this amazing place where dreams come true.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  2. Milan cathedral, the largest church in Italy is a symbol of Milan. Standing proud in Piazza del Duomo, this giant cathedral is also famous for the biggest number of statues. There are 3,400 statues and 700 figures that decorate its structure. From the terrazza you can inhale fresh air and see incredible views of Milan and the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. You can pay a small fee and take an amazing trip to the Duomo’s roof via steps. It’s safe and not that scary even for those who are afraid of heights.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  3. Sforza Castle which was built by Francesco Sforca. This is a place where Milan’s aristocracy lived. It’s well known that Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante painted frescoes in the Sala del Tesoro. For the art lovers, there are many types of museums such as the Museum of Musical Instruments or the Museum of Ancient Art, which include the armory and funerary monuments. The castle itself is magnificent tosee, you will also find an attractive garden with its glamorous fountain where you can take a really pretty photos and share them with your friends.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  4. I advise you to see shopaholic’s favorite place, the world’s oldest shopping mall – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, designed in 1861. The structure is an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Scala. The iron-and-glass roof is the mainsymbol of this magnificent building. The arcade contains luxury retailers selling books, jewelry and paintings, as well as bars, restaurants and cute cafes. The Galleria’s triumphal arch with gorgeous ornaments and sophisticated style attracts tourists’ attention rapidly and easily. Here you can go shopping or visit some elegant cafes where you can taste very delicious food and an amazing, ”Milano caffe’’. It is impossible to stay indifferent by all these beautiful things.
    8 things which give you inspiration in Milan

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  5. Do you like opera or theater? If your answer is positive, I can say that you are the luckiest one, who has a chance to see the graceful opera house in Milan. Most of the greatest singers from around the world have appeared at Teatro alla Scala. It’s a place where Verdi, Puccini and other gorgeous composers first had their masterpieces performed. The stage of this theater isn’t  only popular  for its opera and ballet. The virtuoso violinist Paganini made his debut on that stage in 1813. The theater has more than 3000 seats and is very crowded if you come in the evening or on a premiere.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  6. Italy is the origin -country of one of the prettiest and most delicious meals-pizza. I think that Pizzeria ,”Lievito Madre al Duomo’’ creates the best atmosphere for pizza lovers. Be sure that you will eat a precious pizza in this pizzeria which has a great reputation and convenient location too. The beautiful interior, the friendly staff and the delicious food are the main reasons why this pizzeria is a must-see.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  7. As I said, Milan has everything for everyone. San Siro stadium, which is the home of A.C and Inter Milan, is considered as the UEFA category four stadium. The fact which increased its popularity is that it hosted six games at the 1990 FIFA World Cup and four European Cup finals. Whether  you are a football lover or not, this wonderful area is worth seeing.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan
  8. “Via Monte Napoleone” is  the most important street in the city of fashion. It is famous for its shops and the most exclusive Italian shoes and cloth makers’ boutiques where you can buy everything you want.  Here you will see boutiques of Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Castellani, Donazzolo, Fabi, H&M, La Perla and others. It seems fantastic to start your day wandering on that street and have your perfect shopping time.8 things which give you inspiration in Milan


This is a selection of things to do in Milan, if you want to travel in a wonderful place and have a great time. Milan, for me, is a city of discovery where you can find great amount of happiness. As Peter Hoeg said ‘’traveling tends to magnify all human emotions’’ and I say that Milan is always a good idea.


About the author:


I’m Barbare Khasia. Currently, I live in Tbilisi, Georgia. I’m studying at Free University of Georgia, the faculty of international relations. I like to travel, get to know with different cultures and write about  my adventures and experiences. I love exotic fruits,flowers and shopping for relaxation.

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