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9 Best Photography Gadgets To Bring When Traveling

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Taking photographs while traveling can enhance your travel experience in many ways. Travel photography keeps you in the present. You’re more aware of your surroundings. The tiniest details become more visible through your lens. It elicits a response, triggering memories long after you’ve left.

While you can’t always control serendipitous opportunities during your travels, you can command how you capture those moments. No matter where your next adventure takes you, these nine photography gadgets are the go-to gear you shouldn’t leave home without.

1.    Lenses

9 Best Photography Gadgets To Bring When Traveling

Aside from your principal camera, your lenses are the most important accessories to bring along on your travels. Regardless of your destination, you should have a wide-angle zoom lens, a telephoto lens, and the all-important prime lens.

Their versatility allows you to capture many perspectives, giving you the necessary tools to adapt to your subject matter.

2. Filters

Filters serve a variety of purposes during your travels. A polarized UV filter fitted onto your lens can protect it from scratches and damage. On the other hand, neutral density filters allow for long exposure photographs. They are perfect for capturing milky-smooth waterfalls or seaside landscapes.

3. Travel Tripod

9 Best Photography Gadgets To Bring When Traveling

Your travel tripod will probably become your favorite accessory during your travels. Tripods elevate your photography, providing a steady surface for long exposures of the night sky or crisp landscape shots. Super-portable mini tripods like the GorrillaPod are versatile and perfect for travel photography. As a great addition to this I always have a plastic bag in my camera case; weighs nothing, and you can fill it with sand/rocks and hang it on the tripod to give you extra stability when doing long exposure.

4. Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is the perfect pairing for your travel tripod. Its wireless remote feature reduces blur from camera shake and aids in long exposure photography. While your camera’s self-timer can aid with similar effect, the results can be flawed at best.

Remote shutter releases remove the hassle of navigating your camera’s self-timer. It is also ideal for night sky photography as it keeps your lens’ shutter open for long periods.

5. Extra Batteries and Extra Memory Cards

Serendipity plays an important role in travel photography. You always want to be ready because you don’t know what you’ll run into.

The last thing you want is to let the perfect opportunity slip away because your camera’s out of juice or there’s no memory left on your memory card. Packing extra batteries and memory cards ensure you’re ready to capture whatever pops up.

6. Journal

A journal is the most analog gadget you could bring during your travels, but it’s an indispensable photography gadget nonetheless.

Journals give you time to remember the first impressions of your destination. First impressions are invaluable tools to sparking creativity. Journals give you the opportunity to reflect on the correct composition of your shot to capture the best image possible. Jotting down what your senses partake in can be interpreted in the photographs you capture.

7. SD Card Readers

Social media plays a major role in modern travel photography. In fact, most professional photographers now offer social media packages tailored to your needs.

9 Best Photography Gadgets To Bring When Traveling

Modern SD card readers now feature computer-free solutions so you can upload directly to your smartphone. This means you never skip an Instagram-worthy moment no matter where you are. SD card readers can also upload your photos to your laptop so they’re ready for editing.

8. Cleaning Gear

Nothing ruins a photo opportunity quite like a speck of dirt. Professional photographers with expert knowledge in travel photography can attest that dirt will arise.

Bringing plenty of microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions, a lens pen, and rocket blower takes care of these nuisances. Having the right cleaning equipment means your epic travel photos aren’t ruined by nature’s interference.

9. Camera Bag

9 Best Photography Gadgets To Bring When Traveling

It should go without saying, but while you travel, you’ll want something that holds all your gear. The right camera bag is an invaluable accessory as you travel. A good camera bag is durable, water resistant, and protects from potential pickpockets. A good camera bag will also keep your gear safe in transit or during photo outings.


Travel photography inspires. Unlike writing or film, photography is a medium that does not construct fantasies that are pleasing to the eye or imagination. Rather, photography describes the world around it in the toughest and deepest way. And the best way to never miss an opportunity is to travel with the right gear.


About the author: 

Barry is the creative force behind Barry Morgan Photography, which is a corporate photography company is based out of Dubai. He firmly believes you should love what you do, and do your best. Originally hailing from a background in advertising agencies, he now brings his business experience to create exceptional and effective marketing photography to help businesses achieve their goals.

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