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About Us

You’ve found us! Don’t be shy, Look around!

Outchemy is a viral travel news site that features some amazing travel news, information, tips and resources for each and every traveler from Earth to space, and beyond!

We have a wealthy source of viral travel news straight from the travel industry, and we are eager to inspire people to take on most different traveling adventures throughout our lovely planet.

We believe that through traveling, we allow ourselves to become better versions of ourselves, to find out who we really are, what are our dreams, and what hides in the deepest realms of our souls.

Why Outchemy?

At Outchemy, we see on each traveling experience as a process of personal (re)discovery, much like the magical processes of alchemy, where metals turn into pure gold and universal elixir. Therefore, being out there in the world, for travelers would mean to be outside their comfort zone, outside the comfort of their own home, whilst diving deep into new inner worlds. We see that as a magical personal transformation, hence we have come up with the right word for it, and it is Outchemy!

Who we are?

So, consequently we are a group of Outchemists. Experienced travelers, who have always had the innate calling to travel, roam around, visit new countries and learn about new cultures. We have been all over the planet. We have lived abroad, studied abroad, and soaked into a plethora of bold new traveling experiences. Now, we are more than ready to inspire others, to go out there, be bold, unravel new worlds, and connect with different people.

What we do?

We carefully select, provide and create contents, information and resources that could be valuable and usable for each and every traveler.

Whether you are a first-time backpacker who is about to have a first backpacking experience, or somebody who wants to choose the next best holiday destinations for yourself and your family, at our site you can stumble upon invaluable recommendations, suggestions and advice, which you can consider whilst preparing for your new journey overseas.

Happy Discovery…, outchemy, best of myanmar