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Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

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There is nothing more romantic than going to a remote destination to exchange your vows and “I do’s”. Until the 1980s, destination wedding meant a wedding in a Las Vegas chapel. However, as the years have gone by, more and more all-inclusive resorts began to offer various marriage packages. This is how long-distance weddings were born. It is an ultimate adventure that you’ll definitely remember.

However, before jumping to the locations list, make sure you are well aware of all the costs, residency requirements, necessary documents, etc.

Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii is a great choice because of its location and simple legal wedding requirements. All that is required to legally marry in the 50th state is a fee of $60 and a photo ID.

Lanai is just 45 minutes away from Maui, and this former pineapple plantation is where countless celebrities and billionaires had their lavish wedding celebrations, hidden from the paparazzi. There are no stop lights, no fast food restaurants and only three hotels, the rest are lava cliffs, cloud forests and stunning ocean views.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams


Although you can’t get legally married there, it’s still an amazing spot for a wedding celebration. You can opt for an overwater or underwater ceremony since there are quite a lot of underwater clubs and restaurants. Not to mention that the Maldives can also be a great honeymoon destination.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams


Fiji has it all: friendly locals, easily obtainable marriage requirements and beautiful island landscapes. You will feel like you were thrown into one of those unreal computer wallpapers. Currency exchange in favor of the dollar is excellent, so this location is also really valuable.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams


If you and your future spouse are looking for something different and memorable, the Seychelles is the place for you. The wedding locations are unrealistically beautiful: from enormous granite boulders that lay on the world’s most photographed beaches, all the way to the unique hilltops that overlook the ocean coves. Also, marriage requirements make it easy to get married there – there are no blood tests required and the residency requirement is only two days.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Lake Como, Italy

With its lavish villas, huge mansions and enormous vineyards, Lake Como offers a memorable setting. Ballrooms in the villas can fit up to 200 guests, while waterfront gardens can fit up to 500, so in other words – hello, super fun wedding party!

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Sydney, Australia

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the liveliest cities in the world. The weather is always perfect, there are some epic beaches and it has one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. You can get the leading company for wedding car hire in Sydney and arrive at your wedding in a brand new Audi R8 for example – is there anything cooler than that? If you are aiming for a fun and memorable wedding, Sydney is the destination for you.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Willis Tower, Chicago

If you want to be on top of the world (quite literally), why not get married at the highest venue of the United States? The 99th floor of the Willis Tower offers you a spectacular 360-degree view of Chicago, and you can also see Lake Michigan and the surrounding states, which makes it the coolest space for your wedding reception. To make everything even more fun, you two can exchange your vows at The Ledge, which is the glass floor balcony of the Willis Tower that hovers stunning 1353 feet above the ground.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Sintra, Portugal

Even though Portugal is often overshadowed by other popular European honeymoon destinations such as Paris, Rome and Santorini, its romantic atmosphere and cultural gems will enchant you. Sintra is a tiny mountain village near Lisbon and, besides holding a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, it offers some spectacular attractions and architecture.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams


If you are not much of a summer child, a wedding in Switzerland is the option for you. The stunning sceneries and exciting recreational activities will give you and your guests one memorable experience. One of the most popular destinations for adventure-seeking brides and grooms is St. Moritz – the two-time Olympics host city which offers you super fun activities such as bobsledding and ice skating. Luxury suites, spa treatments and many more activities also make this city ideal for all the luxury seekers out there.

Amazing Spots for the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Do you have some more spots for destination weddings? Please share them with us in the comment section below.


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