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How I Fell in Love with the Defender, the First Smart Personal Protection System

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I do remember when I was 21 and was roaming around Europe. I was at the Belgrade bus station and had already entered my bus that was supposed to lead me to Zagreb, Croatia. I was young and naive. I would believe just anybody, because I believed everybody plays fair in this world.

A stranger approached me and asked me if I have 20 euros. I said that I have 20 euros and gave him the money, as he said he needed it to purchase his ticket. It looked like an emergency. But I was really stupid and naive to believe that the stranger, who did not leave any impression that he is a thief, would hop in the same bus and return my cash afterwards.

I was robbed. It was a small robbery, and it was also a lesson, to not be so naive in the future.


Old Sava Bridge, Belgrade, photo source: wikimedia

Well, imagine, in such a big world, personal safety can be at jeopardy at daily basis. Thanks God that I have not faced a real attacker who would hurt me and take much more valued personal possessions, but that does not mean that it can’t happen to me, to you, or to somebody you just love.

Then, I oftentimes recall a situation that has happened to my friend Pete, who was actually smart enough and saved himself from an assailant who attacked him as he was going for the local bar. Pete, or Peter lives in Brooklyn. He knows Brooklyn very well. It was where he grew up and therefor knows most of the people. One day Pete was attacked, and the guy who had him attacked, seemed to know Pete’s movements and routines very well.

The assailant knew the exact route which Pete would take to reach his favorite bar Thursday night, after leaving his apartment. Thursday night was regular for Pete’s seeing his old bar, and the assailant had taken the advantage to attack my friend, on his way to the bar, and where he would be most vulnerable, a dark alley that Pete sometimes use as a shortcut. But Pete was smart enough to have one more item he usually takes with him before he goes out. Aside, his wallet, keys, personal ID, credit cards and smart phone, he also got a Defender.


source: Pexels

It is a cool gadget that could save you from the trouble if you are in a dire need of help. As Pete recognized the moment that he is to be attacked and potentially robbed, or God knows what, maybe even being stubbed with a knife, he took out his Defender just in time, and sprayed a pepper spray in the face of the attacker. He also sent a geo-location to the police and saved himself from all the trouble of being attacked on the street.

I am grateful that Pete is safe and sound thanks to this gadget. After hearing his story, I reached out to purchase one for myself, as I fell in love with the features that this small but precious item is all packed with. Better be safe than sorry anyways!

Defender 24/7 is the first personal protection system available out there

Pete’s story just emphasizes one more time that you do not need to be into some unknown city, traveling for the first time, to be a bait for some thief or criminal. When a smart personal protection system is already available out there, for sure that I would go for it.



The Defender 24/7 is a protective gadget that really bridges the gap between technology and personal safety. The protective item could easily become a regular item you take with you as you leave house.  Through wireless, it connects with your smart phone, and it has an integrated 24/7 monitoring option.

Further on, it has an integrated camera to capture and forward a potential assailant’s picture to police and authorities, and it is also able to track down your location if you are in the dire need of help, regardless where you are.

Two more features boost your personal protection with this safety gadget. The Defender also has a small but powerful speaker that could attract attention if needed, and it has the highest concentration of pepper spray available, so you can confront an assailant at once!

 See video to learn more about the Defender 24/7, the first smart personal protection system!

video source

 Get the Defender here!

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