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How You Look At Money Can Really Determine Your Wealth

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Might it be accurate about cash that does not buy happiness? Wealth, money, how to be rich – these are all some factors that can determine how free and how happy we sometimes are. But let’s scope to two distinct individuals, Jim and Carol. There is something we can learn from their two stories.

Two Stories That Will Teach You How to Be Rich

$30,000 a week. That is the sum of money Jim strives to make each month. He drives a Porsche, has a yacht, and flies a G6 to a white mountain resort he possesses on the weekends.

Jim does not feel like he is making enough cash. He works approximately 80 hours per week, and he feel like there is always something more he can do. Every minute that is lost feels like wasted chance. Jim feels like the folks around him. In his world, some of the folks might be laughing at the sum of money he brings in. That is nowhere near the wealth he goals to make. Or at least that he believes he wants.

How You Look At Money Can Really Determine Your Wealth

How You Look At Money Can Really Determine Your Wealth

Carol is retired. She owns her house, and lives off of her investments. Her net is about $30,000 a year. To her, that is not much wealth, but with few house associated prices, she feels like it is more than enough money to support her family and herself. She also lives a life of leisure, that she has always desired for herself.

The difference between both these individuals is that they have money goals that are distinct. On the one hand, Jim has actually really high and unrealistic money goals. His mental wealth is quite low, despite the fact he makes so much money. On the other hand, Carol is entirely fulfilled with her life. Perhaps even overly fulfilled. Her money goals were so low, that they have all been fulfilled. Carol has a high speed of mental wealth. In net worth and real income, Carol is way outpaced by Jim. Nevertheless, in the end it is still about Jim being poor.

Quality of Life vs. Quantity of Money

Jim also has a quality of life issue, as he is taking on not so good wealth advice. His goals for obtaining wealth demand a continuous increase in dividend from him, and that is time. Essentially, Jim uses each possible occasion to work, in order he reaches his goals to earn so much wealth. Jim gives up all his available leisure time, depriving himself of those matters, just in order to obtain them. Though his goals of earning so much money are directed towards a life he can love at ease, Jim remains inferior in the story. That is certainly not a wealth advice you wish to take.

If he would have the capacity to consider himself rich like Carol considers herself rich, Jim could realign his goals for earning money. He could make those goals in proportion to his real income. That would be called your mental wealth, and that would be a wealth advice that he should listen to.

Mental Wealth & Money Goals

Realigning your goals for increasing your wealth to be realistic, does not mean you must begin living like a pauper. That does not mean that you should go living in some dump, or that you should not wear a good bag or good clothes. Having money goals that are really realistic and attainable means that your mental wealth is on the good go.

Can somebody like Jim become somebody like Carol, without losing the high amount of actual wealth he has? The answer is yes. Anyone can. The trick is that fixing your goals on wealth is not going to cost out Jim a lot. Being rich is a theory that is not quantified in cash, but it requires cash to feel rich. The trick is not to be unrealistic about the money goals you aim to reach, so that you can make a life for you. It is more about the possibility of creating a life that you can use to earn money.

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