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The Story of Biringan: Invisible City in Samar, Philippines

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Somewhere approximately within the realm of Gandara, Tarangnan, and Pagsanhan, cities who all belong to Samar, the Philippines, lies an invisible city. It’s called Biringan. It’s a popular town, and recognized to lots of religious people, however its appearance seems restricted, hence a little number of individuals could visit it.

The Story of Biringan: Invisible City in Samar, Philippines, outchemyThere appears to be only a few people who get to see the invisible city in the Philippines. Further on, its location is brilliantly hidden. The people who commute to Biringan have regular tasks, they are selected, and they do travel only throughout the day. They never go once the night falls down.

Consequently, this stunning city can be compared to towns like NY, Hong Kong or Singapore, but simply its name and reputation creates a concern, as if it were a terrible place.


Is Biringan one of those haunted cities around the world?

In the same time, it is considered to be exceptionally beautiful – consisting of high rising buildings, cathedrals, stylish houses, wonderful edifices – but it is rumored to be inhabited by non-human beings, thus the sensation of fear and terror around it.

Biringan is a city that is oftentimes noticed by anglers, passers-by, or madmen. These are individuals who have found out about it and have come from faraway locations.

Anglers who have noticed it, say that they have caught a sight of the wonderful town, shining at nighttime, and have seen it from the broad oceans where they had been fishing. They report on seeing multi colored lamps, and designed with advanced amenities, clearly experiencing extremely-advanced technology. Those who have seen it, are impressed that this town rises towards the heavens, hence how haunted city is Biringan?

Another group of people from all around the world, mostly businessmen, state that they have had clients who have purchased their goods, like vehicles, and have had them shipped to this town, hence they have found the name of the city unfamiliar. They were not able to later on locate it on any map. The acquisitions have been big, and it’s disturbing to know that shipping has been done to some location that exists solely as a name somewhere in Samar, Philippines.The Story of Biringan: Invisible City in Samar, Philippines, outchemy

Another major group of people, reports to have been to this city, and that have really seen subjects that had been possessed by demons. The health of the people who lurk in the city seems to be controlled by dark spirits. Their spirit and nature (the awareness as a whole) has been introduced by demons (shown in human type) into this town, which makes it seem the location is just a city of quite some challenges.

Based on people who have seen this haunted city in Philippines, humans there have smooth skin between the top lip and the nose, with no small channels onto it. The vehicles are colored dark. The typical food is also colored dark. Guests must be cautious in trying out the local food, as otherwise, they’d turn into a resident of the town and could not be able to come home.

Accurate or not, these tales form a section of our folk tales. Biringan’s city might be a product of creativity, but it is one that is definitely worth the research. After all, it is always fun to look for haunted cities around the world, and Biringan just seems like the right place for adventure junkies in this faraway Asian country.

video source: Night Terrors 

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