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Meet the Suitcase That Can Survive an Apocalypse

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Did someone mention an apocalypse? Yes, apocalypse is a pretty scary word. It reminds us of utter chaos – something straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie. But not all things are doomed for extinction during an apocalypse – your suitcase for instance. You may be asking yourself: A suitcase, really? Well, yes, unbelievable as it may sound, your suitcase can survive. If you have the right suitcase, that is.

No, I’m not trying to sell you a big name suitcase that can clean out your pockets. I just want to let you know that there is a luggage manufacturer out there that is creating luggage that is so durable it can withstand the harshest of conditions – at a budget.

So, the question remains: Can a suitcase really survive an apocalypse? Drum rolls, please. The answer is – YES! The best luggage manufacturer is obstinate about producing the best luggage that has ever set its wheels on the check-in conveyor. Let me briefly introduce you to the best luggage manufacturer that is causing frenzy in the world of smart travel solutions and share with you its distinctive features.

The Product:

Interestingly, the luggage line is so good that it remains nameless. Some of the main characteristics of this luggage is that it is extremely durable, ultra lightweight, wear-resistant and most importantly has a chic design that looks absolutely amazing.

Light as a Feather

So how does a suitcase become ultra lightweight? Why, using a unique Polypropylene thermoplastic composite material, of course. Weighing just 700 grams, this piece of luggage adds a new definition to light travel.

Tailored Design

One of the best things about these luggage manufacturers is that they design their travel products to meet specific requirements. They allow their clients to be the main contributors to the groundwork of the production process. Clients can choose the color, shape, design, and material without having to forfeit its high durability that ensures its apocalypse survival.

Heavy-Duty Material

Luggage that is resistant to extreme weather, heavy impact, and any transfiguring contact for that matter, seems like the perfect dream for people always on the move. Luckily, there is a manufacturer that have thought this through and listened attentively to the needs of travelers. This piece of luggage is able to endure the toughest natural and artificial conditions. Hey, I did say it’s designed to survive an apocalypse, didn’t I? Well, its reputation and tough testing procedures certainly backs this up.

The Manufacturing Process

No one ever said perfection comes easy. Being able to survive an apocalypse does put a lot of pressure on luggage, you know. A lot of time, energy, and effort goes into creating an apocalyptic-free travel companion, including:

Material Development

This suitcase is made using an intricate material development process that ensures maximum quality and longevity. The material development process includes weaving together two types of fabrics, creating a dimensional texture that blocks all telltale signs of wear, while eliminating all chances of fading. What makes the luggage material so durable and taut is the use of next generation composite materials that combine a range of matrixes and reinforcement materials.

One such combination is Polypropylene + Kevlar. In case you’re unaware, Kevlar is a lightweight, high-strength material that was first introduced as a replacement for steel. In fact, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel. Today, you can find Kevlar used in various sectors including construction, smartphones and even bullet proof vests. So, you can imagine how strong this piece of luggage is. But just because something is bullet proof, doesn’t mean you should go shooting at it. What has a poor suitcase ever done to you? Show some compassion.

Tooling Development

This apocalypse-resistant piece of luggage is created through meticulous tooling development using the highest range of technology to reach shape perfection. The R&D team has perfected their molding process. Using Industry 4.0, full CNC, and a servo-based self-development design, they can create custom luggage molds to meet unique specifications.

So, now that you’ve met this unique piece of luggage that can survive an apocalypse, I’m sure you’d like to try it out yourself. And no, I don’t mean waiting for an apocalypse to happen and see who is left standing. What I actually mean is testing out the endurance of this self-proclaimed god of luggage and travel. Don’t wait for an apocalypse to happen, check out the latest innovation in travel products today and meet the masterminds behind all of it.

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Martina Markovska is a writer who writes for Valoso Hub. Her passion for travel inspires her to write about her global adventures and inspire others to go on a journey of their lifetime. Her inspiration: To travel is to live.

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