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How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

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We all know that each time you go on a road trip, you have to pack too much staff, especially if you have pets, children or both. In most cases, to over pack seems better than under packing because at least you will have everything on hand. However, dragging everything can be painful. Wouldn’t it be joyful to travel with just a backpack? Yes, and if you can, why not go for it?

How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

However, whenever I pack few staffs, something always happens. Someone gets sick, and we must get Tylenol around the next rest area, and we end up paying twice as much as we would have paid at Target. In case one gets hungry, and we have no food, we get stuck waiting in line with other travelers in the fast food areas, wasting time on the road. Also, our car may start experiencing some problems on the road sometimes.

Hence, do you under pack or over pack? Do you make sure your car is in proper shape for a road trip? And how do you travel with pets and children? Whether the road trip is a 3-hour drive or over 15 hours, flexibility, organization, and planning are very important. 

Prepare Yourself In At Least One Week

How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

I usually start preparing a week in advance so I wont rush at the last minutes to set everything in place. First I normally take the car we intend to use on the road trip to my mechanic to check if the wheel studs, all the tires, engine power, wheel lock and everything else is okay.

Also, I usually get the suitcases out and lay them in the open space and start parking one or more things I know we will need. At the boot of the car, I put all the necessary car tools I would need such as the tire inflator which will play a great role in case the car’s tire gets inflated in the middle of the road. Before the one week ends, the boot and the suitcases are filled up with all the staffs needed.

The night before the road trip I put all the suitcases in place at the back of the car. It is advisable to park the heavy staff first then pile up the lighter ones so that the car can have proper balance. Also, in case you want to carry liquids, ensure all the bottles or containers are properly sealed in order not to spill in the car and cause a rotten smell in the trunk.

Write A Checklist

How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

A checklist is important before going on a road trip. The checklist helps you in making sure that everything you intend to carry along with you is in the right place. Number one on your checklist should be “take the car to the mechanic” because when the car is in good shape, you can drive the car with confidence.

On your checklist make sure to include all the car tools you may need in case of an emergency. After everything about the car is checked, go ahead and check the other staff if they are all in place.

Pack Food And Drinks
How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

Pack enough food that will serve you well on the road trip. However, do not pack too much food because you be overloaded. It is good to pack healthy food so that you will not rely on the junk food. Do not forget to carry a plastic bag where you can dispose the waste in the car. Spilling food or waste in the car may cause the car to start having a bad odor.

Pack Enough For Emergencies

How to Prepare for A Family Road Trip in One Week

Having an emergency first kit, plastic bags, water bottles, snacks, clothes, pull-up, emergency car tools and much more on hand is a good idea. On the night before the road trip, charge all your devices such as the cell phones, Kindle readers, and tablets.


The road trip is fun when having all the necessary things with you. Hence, it is good to prepare yourself properly before the day of the road trip.


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