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Romantic Guide to Sydney

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Sydney offers an array of amazing experiences that can cater to anyone’s taste, and those of you who are madly in love are no different. After all, it is one of the most energetic, vibrant and colorful cities in the world. Bathed in the tropical sun throughout most of the year, it has a laid-back atmosphere and welcoming residents. If you and your significant other ever decide to choose this city as a backdrop to your love-struck adventure, here is a romantic guide to Sydney.

Spend a weekend at the Rocks

Romantic Guide to Sydney

The Rocks is one of the oldest parts of Sydney that overlooks iconic sights such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Considering the winding streets, bustling sidewalks, restaurants and cafes, as well as beautiful architecture, this is by far one of the most romantic places to stay in Sydney.

If, by any chance, you are not on a whimsy romantic adventure but on your honeymoon, this timeless urban area that overlooks the bay is a perfect place for you. You can stay at the Russell Hotel or Rendezvous Hotel and venture out every night to explore old pubs, colorful clubs and exotic restaurants.

Circular Quay to Manly Beach

Romantic Guide to Sydney

This is one of those activities you cannot miss as a couple spending quality time in Sydney, and thankfully, the city knows it. There are ferries departing every few minutes from various parts of the Harbour, and it takes a scenic half-hour ride from Circular Quay to the famous seaside suburb of Manly. The picturesque peninsula littered with suburban streets out of an idyllic painting spreads northward to renowned Manly Beach.

Feel the sand between your toes and dip with your loved one into the endless Pacific. There is no end to aquatic activities, walking trails and restaurants in this region, and you might end up reconsidering renting a place on this side of the city.

Wander around Darling Harbour

Romantic Guide to Sydney

If the Rocks are not to your taste, you can always relocate to Darling Harbour, one of the most bellowed parts of the city. The docks are littered with an absolutely amazing array of things to do and eat. Enjoy amazing meals at Blackbird Café, Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, and get lost in the Harbourside Shopping Centre.

You and your significant other can exchange gifts and walk over the Pyrmont Bridge to visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium or Australian National Maritime Museum, attractions you will hardly forget. If you can, stay at Holiday Inn Darling Harbour which offers a perfect mix of services and amenities and it is conveniently close to the docks and Chinatown.

Enjoy each other

Romantic Guide to Sydney

No matter how bustling the city is, there is always a spot where you and your love can enjoy each other. Numerous concealed beaches around the city offer incredible opportunities for romantic sunsets and navel-gazing walks. You can always visit and enjoy amazing seaside locations such as Bondi Beach, but if you truly want a bit of romantic isolation, you can explore the secluded Milk Beach located at the Hermit Bay.

With amazing views of the Sydney Harbour, each couple can enjoy a bit of “time out” of tiring urban activities and concentrate completely on each other. If you are in the mood to sprinkle this alone time with a bit of playfulness, dip into the water to enjoy a bit of snorkeling or visit the heritage listed Strickland House. After the sun has set, enjoy an amazing dinner in Blu Bar which is situated on Level 36 in Shangri-La Hotel, the Rocks.

Sydney is everything but boring. The urban area and its surrounding nature offer a plethora of activities for both fresh romantics and seasoned lovers. However, this amounts to much more than mere indulgence – if you want, your romantic vacation can be as meaningful as it is enjoyable. In many ways, Sydney celebrates the life itself at every corner, which makes it a perfect place for a couple of lovebirds.


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