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Snapping a Picture of Your Hotel Room Could Help Stop Human Trafficking

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Did You Know? Human Trafficking is the Fastest Growing Organized Criminal on Planet Earth at the moment!

Human Trafficking is arising problem not only across the U.S. but all over the world. Unfortunately, this is a grave global challenge at the moment, that threatens to be much more serious even than organized drug dealing.

A victim of human trafficking could be just anybody, and travelers are not exceptions in any scenario. In fact, some hotels around the U.S. and the world are proven to be hub points where illegal underground networks who deal with sex trafficking do operate, in order to abuse victims or find new ones.

How can you protect yourself and your closest ones? Snapping a picture of your hotel room while traveling could actually help stop human trafficking! Over the next couple of slides learn more about a new traveling app that you can use as a hotel guest to fight human trafficking. Click Start Slide Show!

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