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Tiny Creature Runs Away From Curiosity’s Drilling Activities on Mars? (Video)

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On January 29, 2015 NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used a drill carried at the end of its robotic arm to bore into a flat rock on Mars and collected a sample from its interior.

Images were taken by the Front Hazcam right and the Front Hazcam left on board the rover and published on page SOL 882 of NASA’s website Mars Jet Propolsion Labarotary.

At first look, it looks like as if it is all normal on the images that showcase the robotic arm that performs the drill. However, if you zoom in at the images, taken by the Front Hazcam right, you can spot something like an insect, a tiny creature that runs away from Curiosity.

It was ‘Mars Alive’ who discovered the anomaly, hence a time-lapse footage in which you can see the tiny living creature on Mars moving during the drilling activity.

Some people claim that the anomaly is just a piece of debris due to vibration from the drill, however take a look for yourself. Potentially, the tiny creatures that runs away from Curiosity, may be a bug, ant or a spider, with clearly visible legs, and impression that is afraid from the drilling.

A tiny living creature on Mars or just debris, here is the time-lapse footage.

video source: MARS ALIVE


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