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Top tip: Bring an Action Camera on your Next Trip

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Action cameras are generally used in sports and other extreme activities. But did you know that action cameras are also perfect for non-thrill-seeking travelers?

No matter how you look at it, action cameras are built for one thing: Adventure. Now, many will say that this only equates to hair-raising extreme sports like surfing, sky diving, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and snowboarding. While this is true (action cameras are really made for sports-related activities), this doesn’t mean non sportsmen won’t be able to have fun with them too.

Traveling is also a form of adventure. And if action cameras are for documenting adventures, then they are for regular traveling too! So go pack your bags as we tell you why you should not forget to bring along your action camera on your next trip.

  1. They are packed with awesome features 

With all the upgrades that’s been loaded into them, action cameras today have so much to offer.

Take for example YI Technology’s YI 4K+ Action Camera. It shoots high definition 4K video, features a framerate of 60fps, saves RAW image files that are optimal for editing and post-processing, and even has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for reducing video shake, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! All these guarantee high-quality vacation images and videos you’ll surely love.

2. You can take them anywhere.  

Designed to be your travel companion, an action camera is small and has just the right weight. Just put it in your bag or a small pouch, and you’re ready to go!

There are many action camera accessories available in the market today. These include monopods, waterproof housing, mounts, gimbals, and more. With these accessories, you can take your camera almost anywhere: on land, under the sea, or up in the air. You can be sure that you’ll have amazing photos and videos wherever you go.

3. They can take amazing landscape photos and videos

Of course, part of traveling is taking beautiful images of places you’re visiting. Whether it’s for memories’ sake or sharing online, an action camera can do this for you. Equipped with a wide angle field of view, your camera will be able to fit a bigger area of the scenery in the frame. You can even be in the photo or footage, too, with the help of a monopod.
Having an action camera will enable you to take landscape images a point-and-shoot or a smartphone camera won’t be able to. You also won’t have to stress about bringing a bulky DSLR and a gigantic lens on top of your heavy luggage — what a relief!

4. They easily connect to your phone. 

Another neat thing about action cameras is they can be connected to your phone through wife and/or Bluetooth.With this feature, you’ll be able to save images you take using your action camera on your phone, quickly post-process them using a mobile photo editing app, and share them online right away! You can post real-time photo updates of your trip on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and make your friends wish they’d tagged along.

So if you’re looking for the best cameras to bring on your next trip, always consider an action camera. There’s no doubt that this tiny technology works wonders — not just for people who enjoy extreme activities and sports, but also for travelers who prefer a relaxing vacation.


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