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Top Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss in Singapore

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The little city state of Singapore have quite many things to offer. The Asian situated country of wonders have lately become very popular.

Dazzling little boutiques and malls, trending place for electronic equipment, spices, weird people, antiques, authentic artworks – Singapore is a house to shopping extravaganza that is actual.

Botanic gardens, outstanding restaurants, spectacular buildings or constructions like these artificial trees which you can see below that actually produce oxygen. The future is here – welcome to Singapore!

source: Pixabay

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore: #1 Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the vibrant entertaining experience of Singapore. A bustling zone filled with shopping malls, eateries with delicious Asian food, nightclubs and cafes. This lively zone is constantly full of folks and you just not want to miss it out as a tourist. Aside, many star attractions are situated along the Orchard Road. This is the zone of abundance, cash flow, glowing night life & about treating yourself really well with the wondrous Singapore scenery and life.

source: Pixabay

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore: #2 The Botanic Gardens

Vast and enchanting, the Botanic Gardens of Singapore are something as a traveler visiting the country you must see. The park opens early in the morning and shuts at 12 AM. You can take astound yourself by visiting it at these hours, each day throughout the year.

Don’t miss to see the Ginger Garden that entails a wonderful waterfall, a small tropical rain forest, or if you are having your kids with you – go for the Children’s Garden – it has water play area, a playground and tree houses.

If you love orchids, you will love the National Orchid Garden. It’s a special of the Singapore Botanic garden. See photo of one orchid below:

Source: Pixabay

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore: #3 The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer was the greatest Ferris Wheel on planet Earth, until the construction of the Las Vegas Strip was accomplished and broke the record for two more meters.

The Singapore Flyer is 156 in height and it offers an astounding view to the whole city. You can also use some time to walk through the nearby Marina Bay.

source: Pixabay photos

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore: #4 Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is the historic riverside quay has been Singapore’s heart of trade since 19th century. It was much overcrowded back in the day, hence authorities started to transfer freight services to other parts of the city.

It is no wonder that this is still a lively and vibrant area you should visit. The place is totally restored tha even its river was cleansed and redesigned in the past years. This speaks volume of the anthropocene age, when it is humans that are able to transform the geological substance of Earth.

Today, at the Clarke Quay you will also see many artists and designers who exhibit their works and where you can purchase something really unique and authentic.

source: Public Domain Pictures

source: Public Domain Pictures

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore: #5 Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is part of the Marina Bay that you actually do not want to miss. The gardens were opened to the public in 2012 and it holds a rather futuristic and modern beat. Installations and buildings that much will awake your imaginarium and you will at once associate the places with the cosmos and the Star Trek visions of the world.

Yup, once again, welcome to Singapore – the future starts here.

The Super Tree, source: Pixabay

The Super Tree, source: Pixabay

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