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Traveler T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate in Any Country Even if You Don’t Speak Its Language

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This travel t-shirt with 40 Icons makes the perfect gift for a frequent traveler!!

One would only wish to have that kind of a t-shirt that has 40 universal signs printed on it. It might possibly be the best item you can take on your journey around the planet.  Oftentimes signs and icons speak better than words. They help us resolve a language barrier that could happen to each one of us, regardless if we are entering a new continent, or visiting the country just cross-borders. Imagine what type of language challenges you might have as  a US citizen or a German when visiting a rural area in China, Vietnam or Thailand. You are set for a one month journey, and you do not know the language of the locals. It is just you alone, and maybe some of your friends, who also don’t speak the local language.

Well, this t-shirt seems like the perfect pick for such occasions. Especially if you count yourself as a frequent traveler! Click Start SlideShow and find out more about this precious traveler’s item.

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