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Unheard Destinations In South East Asia For Adventure Junkies

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You are not a true adventurer if you have never visited the most adventurous place in the world. Known as one of the world’s best destinations for solo travelers as well as adventure junkies, Southeast Asia holds the most beautiful and extreme adventurous places which you might not have heard of. And if it’s so, they must be on your bucket-list.

Every year thousands of people from the world visit Southeast Asia to relax on beaches, have tasty food and drink cheap beer. It is the pleasant climate, a wealth of natural wonders such as thundering waterfalls, verdant mountains, intense jungles and pristine beaches that attracts the tourists there.
If you were under the impression that South-East Asia is only full of random beaches and have nothing more adventurous for you, then you’re wrong my fellow traveller. There is much more than you have ever seen or heard of.
So let’s explore some adventurous spots in Southeast Asia through this guide so that you can have some new spots for adrenaline rushing adventures for your next trip:

Scuba Diving At Sail Rock, Thailand

If you crave to dive with bull sharks without any cage, then prepare yourself for the best scuba diving experience at the landmass Sail Rock. It is located at a distance of 11km from north of Koh Phangan and takes 2 hours to reach from south of Koh Tao. Sail Rock is the only landmark that is located between these two islands due to which it supports the breeding cycle of many species and Bull Shark is most notable amongst them.

Diving with these beautiful and aggressive sharks can be the ultimate adrenaline rush for you. Though we don’t mean that sharks will dive with you, they will be gliding around a meter away from you. You need to be bit careful with them but if you don’t bother the sharks, they won’t bother you, so you can enjoy your dive with them.

Surfing In Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the amazing places in Indonesia and is a hub to some of the best waves in Southeast Asia. Every year millions of people flock there to enjoy their holidays. From a beginner to a professional wave rider, Bali holds something for everyone. Indonesia is known as one of the great places for surfing and Bali has some of the best spots of it.

One of the adventurous activities that adventure junkies often do at this place is surfing in Canggu and Medewi. However, there are many other places as well, such as Uluwatu, Keramas, and Padang-Padang, so do your research on the spots before making any final decision for surfing.

Rock Climbing At Krabi

Krabi is said to be one of the top rock climbing spots in the world. There are two famous places Railay and Tonsai which features hundreds of routes each with a higher difficulty. This place is so vast that you can even see climbers climbing on rocks while chilling on the beach. A few spots at this location even require you to hike up a bit which can give the required dose of adrenaline rush. The power you need to get your body up these rocks is not easy to describe, especially if you’re a climbing junkie and have jelly noodle arms.

There are many spots to climb in Krabi, but that doesn’t mean you cannot visit this place if you’re not a climbing junkie. Even if hang out at this place and make some friends, it will be an overwhelming experience for you.

Trekking And Camping On Doi Pui

Trekking and camping are one of the best activities that every adventurer wants to do whenever they visit a trekking spot. Doi Pui is exactly the place that you’re looking for trekking and camping, this place is located in Northern Thailand and takes only 30 minutes from bike to reach this place from Chaing Mai. Once you reach your camping spot the city view from the mountains is unbelievable, especially at sunset.

Well, you can just relax at the camping spot or if you want to explore the place, then take a two-hour walk to the local Hmong village Khun Chang Kian. This track is not an easy one, but it will definitely take you through some incredible natural beauty. After reaching the village if you want to stay up there and relax, then you can get everything from tents to sleeping bags on rent. The best thing about this place is that you can visit here any time of the year.

Off-Road Biking In Laos

Travelling on mountains and driving your two-wheelers all the way through the roads is one of the amazing experiences that anyone can ever have and Laos is the best place for that. Driving your two-wheeler through Laos, you can explore small villages, countryside roads and stunning waterfalls. You can travel through rustic paths around the Golden Triangle near the borders of Myanmar and Thailand. Even if you don’t have your own bike, you can get one on rent.

There are many other places as well where you can easily explore Southeast Asia through roads, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Northern Philippines. All these cities have amazing roads and driving routes for your two-wheeler.

Skydiving In Pattaya, Thailand

You are not a true adventurer if you have never done skydiving in Pattaya. Skydiving always stays on the top of an adventurer’s list and this sport is growing rapidly around Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for an adrenaline fix, then this is the best activity to do in Pattaya.

There are many drop zones in Bankok and Pattaya and hundreds of people visit this place especially for skydiving. Imagine the nerve-racking experience that you can have when you will fall from a plane at a height of 12000 ft from the ground. The views that you’ll see after jumping from the plane are pretty stunning.

Quad Biking In Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Quad bike is one of the amazing ATV vehicles that you can drive anywhere, whether it’s plane roads or curved mountains. Now, imagine riding this beast through the jungle, muddy roads, rice fields and traditional Balinese villages, exciting isn’t it?

Ubud Bali is especially known as a meditating and peaceful place, but a completely different side of it can be explored through quad biking. Apart from quad biking, you can also travel through this city with steer buggies and canyon tubing. The best thing about this place is that you can get all these three options available in one place. However, you can drive a quad bike in other areas as well, such as the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia, islands spread across Thailand, or even in Singapore.
There is much more to explore in this world full of natural mysteries than we think and these places mentioned above are just a glimpse of it. We hope that this article will help you get out of your regular camping spots and explore these extra ordinary places.

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