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Wash Your Clothes ANYWHERE With This Handy Little Bag

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Traveling light is sometimes quite a bit of a challenge for travelers and campers. That is especially true when you tend to do camping for some couple of days. It means you are limited with the amount of clothes you can bring up with you, but you will still want to stay clean and tidy. When laundry challenge arrives during your traveling time, the Scrubba is a nice gadget that can ease this pain for you and count among the best clothes washing hacks for travelers ever!

The Scrubba Wash Bag – Quick Solution to Your Laundry Needs

Wash Your Clothes ANYWHERE With This Handy Little Bag


The Scrubba Wash Bag is a small light weight wash bag, and it will not occupy much space in your backpack. It uses microbal and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU, which enables prolonged, hygienic use. Inside, the bag is comprised of hundreds small nodules to help you scrub the clothes with minimal efforts, hence it is such a good clothes washing hack.

How can you use this mini washing machine?

First, fill in the bag with water and detergents up to the markings on the side of the bag. Add your clothes at ease, but make sure you not surpass 40% of the content of the bag with  the clothes you wish to wash. Next, proceed by rolling and clipping the bag to assure water will stay inside the bag. Then, you should deflate the bag and start rubbing it down. For a quick wash, rub the bag for half a minute, and if you wish a washing quality as achieved from one of a machine, do rub the clothes for couple of minutes.

This is not only good clothes washing hack for travelers, but also for everybody who does not have laundry area in their apartment. It could save you the time, the money and the energy you need to give for solving out your potential laundry challenge!

See video of the Scrubba – Portable Washing Machine without electricity

video source: Tech Guru

Loved this clothes washing hack? You can purchase it here!

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