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Experts Announce Plan to Create World’s First “Space Nation”

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Love space travel? What about living in space, and be among the first residents of the world’s first so-called “Space Nation”?

A team of researchers, attorneys, philosophers, and entrepreneurs have joined forces of creating the world’s initial nation” within the expectations.

The project ideas to start their firstly several satellites as soon as Fall 2017. Theoretically, the country may have no landmass, but rather may consist of orbiting satellites using their own regulations, government, and systems of a community.

Named Asgardia, following the heavens dominated by Norse god Odin’s legendary town, they aspire to find formal standing like a nation in the UN. It is still to be viewed whether such acquirement will come true.

The plans for Asgardia were introduced via live streaming media conference that took place in Paris, on October 12. Project leader Dr Igor Ashurbeyli appeared very much aware that his ideas may be dismissed, but after some negative questioning from correspondents, he defined the idea behind the objective.

“The essence of Asgardia is peace in space, and the prevention of Earth’s conflicts being transferred into space,” Dr Ashurbeyli said at the press conference.

“Asgardia is also unique from a philosophical aspect – to serve entire humanity and each and everyone, regardless of his or her personal welfare and the prosperity of the country where they happened to be born.”

The team imagines Asgardia to employ a system within the Solar System, and to open space for housing. Additionally, the team exposed ideas to construct for free a shield against space junk and meteorites that could possibly jeopardize humanity. This system is imagined to be autonomous, and is not to hinder Earth’s nations and companies.

To date, the project has been financed exclusively through personal resources of the partners who stand behind. However, Asgardia has a strategy to crowdfund traders and improve their offers. Hundreds and thousands of individuals are expected to become residents of the Asgardia. If you wish to check out citizenship options, you can visit the official website of Asgardia.

“As low-earth orbit becomes more accessible, what’s often called the ‘democratization’ of space, a pathway is opening up to new ideas and approaches from a rich diversity of participants,” Professor David Alexander, Director of the Rice Space Institute at Rice University in Texas, told the press conference.

“The mission of Asgardia to create opportunities for broader access to space, enabling non-traditional space nations to realise their scientific aspirations, is exciting.”

This kind of ambitious strategy has several obstacles to be surpassed, and it is surrounded by several “buts”. For just one, it appears extremely hopeful that the team will have the ability to acquire a status of a country by 2017, not to mention, a status in the UN. It also remained a question if the Asgardia will accept to host satelites launch of Earthly countries.

Moreover, politics in overall, plus the legitimacy of the whole project might be worthless if Asgardia does not have fully operational methods to deal with stuff like technical capacity or cash.

“Is it madness? Call it what you will, and time will tell,” said Dr Ashurbeyli.

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